Peranakan Cuisine.

NYONYA NOSH@Rumah Bebe is the in-house bake-cook shop, a small, sparkling culinary jewel amid the mass of eateries in the Katong area. Bebe takes a great deal of pride in providing tantalisingly flavourful home-made dishes, prepared the old fashioned way, from scratch, without the use of flavour enhancers. Using only the freshest and finest natural ingredients available in the market, she handcrafts all of her tarts, pastries, dumplings, cakes, spices and sauces, not to mention her luxurious dessert offerings as well as all of her other exquisite signature dishes. Whether buying for take-home or visiting for an eat-in, you may always expect to experience exceptional quality traditional Peranakan cuisine created to meet the very highest standards. Bebe rigidly adheres to this standard and proudly proclaims – “I will not serve any dish that I would not be happy to eat myself.”  Bebe’s clientele consists of a broad cross section of fiercely loyal patrons ranging from local residents to foreign tourists, all of whom share a sincere love and appreciation for true home-made Peranakan cuisine served in a homey atmosphere.

Menu Lists

A) Daily Menu & Catering

Check out the daily specials signboard for a varied array of local delicacies including freshly-baked pineapple tarts, brandied sugee-almond cake, bluder tarpei, rempah udang and pang susi to name just a few. Popular items such as curry puffs (baked, not fried) can be sold out by mid-day and during festive season, pineapple tarts must be pre-ordered months in advance.

B) Weekend Signature Eat-in Menu

With the warm aroma of stove-cooked meals wafting through the shophouse, nothing feels more like home at Rumah Bebe.  Beyond the “pintu pagar” is a lively scene, especially on weekends. People come in, bright and early with ready orders, to buy their breakfast, lunch or tea-time snacks. At her cafe nook with a single round table of six seating in a setting that is charmingly unmatched anywhere, Bebe serves her “master-dishes”. With a team of staff, she whips up scrumptious dishes in the back kitchen and personally texts her customers her weekend menu, which changes frequently, based on the market availability of fresh produce. The Mee-Siam is truly memorable and Penang Assam Laksa is no ordinary matter, the Katong area has a reputation to have the best such dishes. Mere words are not enough to convey the delights of the quintessential Ayam Buah Keluak, the hearty Kuah Bakwan Kepiting or Nasi Ulam. You must simply try the Popiah and then again, don’t miss the Hati Babi Bungkus, try  Pengat Durian, Apom Bokwa or any one of the desserts.