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Peranakan Cuisine

NYONYA NOSH @Rumah Bebe is the in-house bake-cook shop, a small, sparkling culinary jewel amid the mass of eateries in Katong area. Bebe takes a great deal of pride in providing tantalizingly flavourful home-made dishes, prepared the old fashioned way, from scratch, without the use of flavour enhancers...



Heritage Products

Drawing inspirations from the rich Peranakan history, Rumah Bebe creates quality replicas of museum pieces as contemporary  functional gifts, designed to enhance the visitors’ experience by enabling them to take home “a piece of timeless Peranakan artwork”…



Nyonya Fashion

“The traditional Nyonya sarong kebaya worn today stopped evolving in the 1950s. Bebe has singlehandedly hauled it into the 21st century, transforming it from something only elderly lades would wear, into a contemporary fashion statement” – an excerpt from “Junk to Jewels”




The Peranakans have always regarded themselves as the descendants of early Chinese immigrants who came to Malacca and other parts of Southeast Asia and thus their culture which evolved over the years was largely based upon the customs and practices of the Chinese, with minor modifications through the assimilation of local Malay customs…




Weddings & Events



The Rumah Bebe history begins in 1995 with a nyonya named Bebe Seet, who was spurred on to learn the traditional Peranakan art of beading slippers when she could not get a pair of antique “kasut manek” (beaded slippers worn by the “nyonyas,” Peranakan women)...




Boutique Shophouse


Originally built in 1928 as a shophouse, this two-storey structure stands as a unique  testimony to Peranakan architecture – its almost 90 –year-old structure and layout still in place. Bebe comprehensively restored it in 2003, adding her own distinctly Peranakan  features...



Classes & Tours

From a tiny glass bead to beautiful, spectacularly embroidered shoes, purses and a variety of other functional and decorative beadwork – this incredible transformation through the hands of an experienced beader delights all who see it…